Western New York Professional Nurses Association.
District 1 as a part of NYSNA started in 1919. The dues at the time for alumni members were $1.00 and meetings were set for the third week of each month. Committees were formed and the first convention was held in 1919. In 1920 on Florence Nightingale's birthday the goal of the association was achieved and the Governor signed the Nurse Practice Act into law. That year they also focused on the shortage of nursing students and the problems of "health & vitality", a crusade against preventable health concerns. In the 1940's, the scopes of the organization expanded, some of which are to include, advancement of education standards, promote the best interest of the public and nurses, and to maintain high standards in the nursing profession. These goals are similar to the District goals of today. The District has its history in a booklet called "A History of The Professional Nurses Association of Western New York - District #1 NYSNA 1940-2000" compiled by Marjorie A. Hagberg RN, MS and Donna M. Leney, RN, MS, Med which can be purchased at the District 1 office.
The purpose of this Association shall be to foster high standards of nursing practice, promote the professional and educational advancement of nurses, and promote the welfare of nurses to the end that all people will benefit as a result of the subsequent excellence in nursing care.The functions of this Association shall be to:a. Promote, through appropriate means, standards of nursing practice,
nursing education, nursing research and nursing services as defined by the American Nurses Association;
b. Conduct legislative activities that will ensure and protect the public's
c. Represent nurses and nursing to the public;
d. Promote adherence to ethical standards as stated in the Code for Nurses
    of the American Nurses Association;
e. Provide for and promote continuing education in nursing.